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1 hour lesson (2 x 30 minutes)

1 hour lesson (2 x 30 minutes)

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"There has been such a high for demand for lessons over recent months causing us to take the lessons down mid-month as there are just too many!
I have also been expanding my curriculums and knowledge hugely, finding secret information and exercises to answer some of the big questions..
How do you make routines?
How can I find my own style?
How can I improve my 'flow'?
How to be original in beatbox?
How to be prepared for battle?
How to make original tracks?

Lesson Info

2 x 30 minute lessons booked into 1 month (Via Skype or Facebook Messenger).

Specializing in individual beatbox, team beatbox, loopstation (Boss RC-505) performance and music creation.

Teaching students from no experience, up to Grand Beatbox Battle competing level, D-low has expertise for ALL ranges of beatbox skill. You will be quickly assessed and then work forward with the level that you meet. 

Monthly lessons could be arranged with the student if there is potential and space to do so.

* Once lesson has been booked please wait for a follow up email asking for information regarding scheduling lessons * 



English speaking lesson only

  • Only the sole purchaser to be present in the lesson
  • If student is under 16 a parent/guardian may be present during lesson