Beatbox Lessons

15 years beatbox experience

1500+ online lessons completed

Actively updated beatbox curriculum


1 Hour Lesson

2 x 30 minute lessons booked into 1 month (Via Skype or Facebook Messenger).

Specializing in individual beatbox, team beatbox, loopstation (Boss RC-505) performance and music creation.

Teaching students from no experience, up to Grand Beatbox Battle competing level, D-low has expertise for ALL ranges of beatbox skill. You will be quickly assessed and then work forward with the level that you meet.

1 Hour Lesson

Monthly Lessons

Unfortunately all of the discounted monthly student spots have been taken since spring 2020.

After a one off lesson with D-low there will be a new option to secure monthly lesson scheduling at the standard price if there is available spots.

Monthly Lessons

Beatbox Experience


U18'S UK solo Beatbox Champion 2014

UK Solo Beatbox Champion 2016

UK Loopstation Vice Champion 2017

UK Tagteam Champion 2017

Beatbox Classic World Champion 2018

UK Solo Beatbox Champion 2018

UK Tagteam Champion 2018

Grand Beatbox Battle World Champion 2019

Kickback Beatbox Battle Champion 2021


Over 2 years of online teaching experience

4 live classes at Swissbeatbox Camp

Live workshops in U.S, Lithuania, China, UK and Poland

1100+ online lessons completed

30 Current monthly students

Actively teaching multiple age ranges


15 years beatbox experience

100,000,000+ views online

Judged competitions in UK, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, U.S, Mexico, China and Australia

Travelled to 20+ different countries to perform and compete

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  • UK Beatbox Champs


  • Tag Teams

Swissbeatbox Camp

Grand Beatbox Battle

UK Beatbox Champs


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Student Reviews

D-low is a thoughtful teacher. He meets his students where they're at in their progression and focuses on cultivating their artistry.

Henry Morehouse

D-low is always a best friend of mine. He is cool, funny and creative even when we are having lessons. New flows and new songs that he made up instantly shocked me every time. If you are looking for the best tutor in beatbox, D-low is the one who gives you different practice routines and new ideas based in your level. Different topics each lesson and he is very generous in sharing his own skills and his mindset in beatboxing. He is very patient in teaching new flows and new sounds by explaining his past experiences. D-low will always be my best tutor and friend. I would love to meet him in person and grab some food and drink and beatbox all day.

Ting Lok Chang

I honestly wouldn't be where i am without D-low! The legend! He is the kindest soul and the smartest lad when it comes to fine tuning your sounds/techniques. I've been a patreon since it started and plan to until it ends... hopefully it never does!!

Wyatt Rexroat (Tietyn Beatbox)

D-low is the GBB champion for a reason. He knows his stuff and his personality out of just being a beatboxer is dope. He's an awesome teacher and teaches you how to practice into the best beatboxer you can be.

Carlos DeFault

D-low is an extremely kind and helpful teacher. He is immensely skilled and is able to cater to all types of learners. I have tried a few other options of learning beatbox, however D-low is by far the best you can get.

Karan Khurana

 D-low is a one of a kind teacher. He's really methodical with the way he teaches, in a way that makes learning how to beatbox suitable for you and your skill level. I would totally recommend taking lessons from D-low because he's not only a great beatboxing teacher, he's a great person to talk to and have a laugh with, which makes the whole experience 100x better

Sam Challis

D-low is by far one of the most passionate beatboxers I know. He's been keeping it up since the early days and continues being at the top since then! But he's not only fantastic at beatboxing. His teaching methods are very well structured and he gives you all of the advice you need to grow superbly quick! In my opinion there couldn't be a better mentor especially for new beatboxers. I've never been more inspired and motivated than after I had lessons with dlow. He's a great beatboxer and might be an evern better teacher.

Leo aka LionFR3AK

D-low is a great teacher. His in depth understanding of beatbox, from the simplest sounds to the structuring of a beat, allows for him to quick identify the best way to help his students.

Devon Castle

D-low has a way of making you confident in the skills you already have, while also being able to teach you new skills with ease. Amazing coach and definitely recommended.

Godmiel Vazquez

Student List

Aidan Ray Anici ¦ Antoine TQ ¦ Brian Shepherd ¦ Cameron White ¦ Carlos DeFault ¦ Andyy Chan  ¦ Dan Pendergraft ¦ Devon Castle ¦ David Carroll 
Egor Lebedev ¦ Gavin Pfeiffer ¦ Godmiel Vazquez ¦ Henry Morehouse ¦ Jake James ¦ James Chapman ¦ Jesse Harder ¦ Joe Learner ¦ Josh Ruszala ¦ Kai Spoor ¦ Karan Khurana ¦ King Kobra ¦ Leo Dieter ¦ Matt Little ¦ Matty xD ¦ Peter Cook ¦ Prajwal Joshi ¦
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